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Cardinal Commercial Interiors and Real Estate Staging was named and inspired by its place of origin. Founded by Indiana native, Kymberlyn Groves who specializes in helping your products/homes sell themselves. Kymberlyn began her design journey as a personal designer. She has spent years taking pride in her ability to give customers a "home like" feeling in what was once merely an empty space. She has since transitioned and has been focusing solely on commercial designing. Whether you are looking to sell your homes faster or create a comfortable environment for your colleagues and customers, call us!

Don't show your customers empty spaces and refrain from extending invitations to an office space that is less than warm. Proper design and decor allow your customers to be VISIONARY. Take a look at the difference space design can make!

The term cardinal is both a noun and an adjective. While the noun is Indiana's state bird, the adjective is defined as...


1. of the greater importance; fundamental

"Cardinal rule number one, home staging demonstrates the property's potential"

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